About Us

About Us

Design Co Lab is a multi-disciplinary studio for Architecture, Planning & Interior Design. Established in 2011, we are qualified to offer design solutions to a large range of commercial, residential, mixed use, educational, and hospitality projects. We are highly skilled & well poised to deliver creative, functional and holistic design solutions. Riding on rich and varied experience of our partners and associates on several iconic international projects handled in their respective careers in the design and construction industry.


As Architects and Engineers we realize the environmental impacts associated with a building during its life cycle – From resource depletion and pollution during its construction, energy needs of it's operations and maintenance, and the waste created in it's final demolition. With this awareness we aspire towards environmentally and socially adept practices which offers holistic sustainable solutions.


We realize that design is a process and its delivery a team effort. Production of successful holistic design solutions in today’s high tech and demanding environment requires engaging a large number of specialities, stake holders, and varying agendas. Our mandate is to strike a synergy within this collaborative team-effort in delivering high performance and integrated design solutions. .